Our Story

Nothing is better than being able to share music with the world. It's something that we take rather seriously at Music on a Mission, yet we do it in a creative and fun manner, with a clear purpose and mission in mind for our students.  Music on a Mission supports global music missions and local community service and outreach to bring the joy of music to those who might not otherwise have access.

Since beginning in 2002, we've come to play an encouraging and motivating role in the violin music community. Our studio has grown because we involve ourselves with students and their directors at the best orchestral schools in the state. We recognize the value of our families' time and therefore offer private instruction in your home, as well as in our studio.

No matter how long we play violin as a family and how many students we help, we are always learning, too. That's the real beauty of playing music - it is a journey, a mission, and not a destination - one we really love being a part of.

The Instructors

  • Jeff Valerioti (Mr. V.)
  • Barbara Valerioti
  • Nicole Valerioti