Community Outreach

Music on a Mission is a musical community outreach program that strives to offer Lynchburg city students the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of musical education. Research has shown that teaching young children to play the violin improves their learning outcomes, helps prepare pre-kindergarteners for school, and ultimately equips them for success on the long road of academia ahead. The curriculum for 4-to-5-year-olds encompasses language and communication skills, cognitive development, scientific thinking, motor development, social development and artistic expression. Whereas Suzuki and other violin training methods have an understood goal of preparing future performers, the ultimate goal of Music on a Mission is centered upon helping children prepare for kindergarten and learning, not unlike when parents read to their children to help them learn reading skills. Music on a Mission uses the violin as the tool for learning. As we instruct children through rhythm and memory skills, it is actually developing cognitive literacy skills – but in a fun, musical way. The kids think they are there to learn the violin, and while they are learning the instrument, they are actually developing a wide spectrum of literacy and learning skills that will help them meet with success in school.

Sheet Music Files (not for copying or distribution/resale; for BCO internal use only)